Fact and Rumor.

Yale beat Cornell Tuesday by a score of 9 to. 1.

Amherst plays Dartmouth at Hanover again to-day.

Cornell plays Harvard to-day on Holmes at 4 p.m.

The freshmen dined the Yale freshmen last evening at Young's.

Brooks, '87, and Pfeiffer, '89, are now rowing on the 'Varsity crew.

The Pittsburgs play the Volunteers this morning on Jarvis at 10.30 o'clock.

Dr. A. B. Hart has been elected president, and Williams Barnes, Jr., secretary of the Historical Society for the ensuing year.

McKean, the centre field of the Freshman nine, sprained his ankle in Monday's game, and will not be able to play for some time.

The junior class at Williams, which holds its class dinner at Saratoga, dodged the inter state law by publishing the trip as a "summer excursion," and in this way secured low rates.