Note and Comment.

The following from the New York Evening Post may be of interest:

TO THE EDITOR OF THE EVENING POST: Sir-The popular sentiment in America upon the Irish question is well known. The popular sentiment in England is about the same as that in the United States; but there the student opinion is diametrically opposed to the popular notion. It was with a desire to ascertain whether the America students agree with the American masses or with the English students upon this "burning question" that Mr. Bryce has written to Dr. H. B. Adams.

Your correspondent undertook to learn the sentiments of those undergraduates who are making specialties of history and political science, with the following results: Thirty-four circulars were sent out, to which twenty-five answers were returned. Of these twenty-five none could be found friendly to coercion, twenty favored "home rule," and five were opposed to if.

A separate inquiry is being made among the graduate students in history and political science. It is with a desire that statistics on these points be taken in a great many American universities and colleges that this note is respectfully forwarded. B. T.Johns Hopkins University, May 7.