Yale's New Building.


Yale university will soon have another new building added to her fast increasing list. Although the building will belong to the Sheffield scientific school, and will be erected by one of the secret societies connected therewith, it will, nevertheless, be a build of which the university, and especially the scientific school, may well be proud.

Last, year the "T Company" erected a rather odd but very pretty little hall on the corner of College and Wall streets, opposite the "Scroll and Key," and now the "Stone Trust Company, " or "Sigma Delta Chi," better known as the "Book and Snake," a sister society of the "T Company," in the Sheffield scientific school, is about to erect a cloister, which, in all respects, will fill the modern idea of a club house.

Since the "Wolf's Head," a third senior society in the academic department, erected its handsome hall on Prospect street, several years ago, it has never been questioned that it possessed the finest equipped building connected with Yale university's wide society system; but when the new building of the Stone Trust Company is completed, the "Wolf's Head building will occupy the second place. The new building will be one of the finest, if not the finest in the city. The new cloister will stand on the corner of Hillhouse avenue and Grove street, in the vacant lot nearly opposite the old Sheffield property. The cellar is already dug, and a large force of men is at work on the superstructure, which will be 64 feet 6 inches long, 37 feet 6 inches wide and three stories high The basement will contain the living rooms of the janitor, a large billiard room and a ten-pin alley. The first floor will contain a large hall or reception room in front, while in the rear, will be four bedrooms and two studies, with the accompanying toilet rooms, bath-rooms and hallways. The second floor will contain six bedrooms and three studies, and the third floor, seven bedrooms and three studies. The architect of the building is H. Edward Ficken of New York city, and the work is being done by the Flint Building and Construction Company of Palmer, Mass.

No time is set for the completion of the work on the building, and it will probably be fully six months before it will be ready for occupancy. When it is completed, the structure will have cost about $30,000, making it by far the most expensive society hall connected with the university. It will differ from all the others in that it provides a home for its members. The other society buildings simply furnish a place where weekly meetings may be held, and with the exception of the "Wolf's Head," which is a comfortable loafing spot, the majority of the college society buildings furnish little that is of interest to an outfitter.

The material of which the new building is to be constructed is East Haven stone, laid in various styles. The basement wall, up to the mater tablet, will be laid "crazy," the first story in broken ashler; the second story in regular ashler. There will be numerous gable windows and other ornamental devices which have come into use in modern architecture. Open fireplaces, window seats, and in fact everything which tends to make a perfectly appointed gentlemen's clubhouse, will be found within the new building.-Boston Herald.