Special Notices.

Notices, if not more than five lines, inserted in this column for 50 cents each insertion, or $2.00 a week. For over five lines, the rates are doubled. Short "Lost" and "Found" notices, if inserted once, free; every additional insertion 50 cents. All

I WILL tutor in Fine Arts 4. ELIOT NORTON, 10 Appian Way. j12 6t

TUTORING in History 2, and Political Economy 4. FREDERICK GREEN, 29 Matthews. j12 6t

TUTORING: German A, 1, Phil. 2, Greek and Latin. G. W. WATERMAN, 23 Divinity Hall. j12 6t

POLITICAL ECONOMY 1, Philosophy 2, History 13: Tutoring. J. A. BAILEY, '88, 31 Stoughton. j12 6t

TUTORING in History 13, GEORGE P. FURBER, T. 54. j9 6t


TUTORING in English A. German A, History 1 and 2. ROBT. W. HERRICK, 1 S. j10 6t

TUTORING: In History 12 and in Fine Arts 4. Call in evening or send note to W. S. MERRILL, 10 College House. j10 6t

TUTORING in Math. A, D and 1. AUGUSTUS S. HASKELL, 22 Hollis Hall. j11 6t

MATHEMATICS A and Mathematics D. For tutor address W. F. PILLSBURY, '89, 19 Hollis. j11 6t

TUTORING in Math. A, Hist. 1. Greek and Latin. Special attention paid to sight reading. GEORGE L. HUNTER, 38 Grays. j11 2t

TUTORING in German A, 1, Chemistry A, History 2, F. A. 4, Freshman and Sophomore Greek and Latin.

CLIFFORD H. MOORE, Stoughton 10.j11 6t

TUTORING in Pol. Econ. 4 and History 12 (with notes used by J. M. Thompson, '86.) W. ALEXANDER, 24 Read's Block. j10 6t

TUTORING in Math. A, C, D and G. K. B. EMERSON, 37 Trowbridge street. j10 6t

TUTORING in History 12, Pol. Econ. 4, 8 and 9. EDWARD C. LUNT, 24 Grays. j9 6t