Special Notices.

Notices, if not more than five lines, inserted in this column for 50 cents each insertion, or $2.00 a week. For over five lines, the rates are doubled. Short "Lost" and "Found" notices, if inserted once, free; every additional insertion 50 cents. A

FINE ARTS 4.- The work of the half year will be reviewed this evening by Mr. Hollis Webster in Little's 6, beginning at 7.30 p. m. Please bring Reber. WM. W. NOLEN. j27 1t

SEMINAR in Hist. 1, Monday, Jan. 30, at 7.30, in my room. All men passed last year. GEO. L. HUNTER, 38 Grays. j27 30 2t

N. H. 4, History 1, History 2, Music 3, Hill's Rhetoric Abstract. Printed Notes at Wheeler's Printing Office, 416 Harvard street. j27 6t

I will give a seminar in Fine Arts 4 at 7.30 to-night at 10 Appian Way. j27 1t ELIOT NORTON.

ENGLISH A.- Tutoring. The method employed will follow closely the plan of the work in the class.


H. B. LATHROP, 24 College House. j27 6t

TUTORING in Political Economy 1; also (with seminar on eye of examination) in Pol. Econ. 4, History 12.

W. ALEXANDER, 24 Read's Block.jan 26 6t

PHYSICS B.- Tutoring done in this course by M. L. BRUUER, 63 College House. j25 6t

TUTORING in Pol. Econ. 1 by W. P. ELKINS, 52 College House. No charge if student fails to pass the examination. j25 4t

TUTORING in Latin A, German A and French A and 1. G. BRADFORD, JR, 8 Prescott St., Cambridge. j25 tf

TUTORING in Chem. A, C and 2; Math. A, C and D; and French A and 1. Seminar in Freshman Chemistry the night before the examination, at 7.30.

PERRY LAWTON, '88, 25 Hollis Hall.j25 6t

TUTORING IN H. 1 AND 2, Chem, A and C. N. H. 1. I shall review H. 1 and 2 with old examination papers and Syllabi, the evenings preceding the examinations, in each, at my room.

W. J. BOWEN, 32 Hollis.j21 6t