Divinity School Chapel Lectures.

A course of six lectures will be given in the Divinity School Chapel by persons connected with the University, but not teachers of the school. The lectures will be given every other Tuesday at 7.30 p.m. as follows:-

Jan. 10,- "Harvard's Contributions to Astronomy." Professor E. C. Pickering of the observatory.

Jan. 24.- "The Relation of Law to the Supernatural." Professor J. B. Thaver of the law school.

Feb. 7.- "Some Conditions of Intellectual Life in America." Professor C. E. Norton of the college.

Feb. 21.- "The Health of Professional Men." Professor Francis Minot of the medical school.


March 6.- "Ministers as seen by a Layman." Henry Lee, A. M., of the board of overseers.

March 20.- "Intimations of Immortality in the Sonnets of Shakespeare." Professor G. H. Palmer of the Colledge.