Fact and Rumor.

Francis, '88, is at the Medical School.

Work has just begun on the new recitation hall at New Haven.

English VII will hereafter be held in Sever 5, owing to the size of the class.

Sumner,' 87, is at present studying in Berlin.

The Advocate will be out late this afternoon.


A meeting of the freshman class will be held in Upper Massachusetts at 4 o'clock this afternoon.

The game between Harvard and Technology has been postponed until Saturday.

G. W. Cram, '88, has accepted a position in the book-store of Houghton, Mifflin and Co., of Boston.

P. M. Hammett, '88 is pursuing an advanced course of study at the Boston Technology.

Mr. Hayes was unable to meet the applicants for voluntary instruction in elocution either yesterday or Monday.

The make-up examination in German A will be held Friday, Oct. 12 at 2 p. m., in Sever 37.

The Yale sophomore crew have rowed in an eight-oared shell only three times this fall.

The telegram from our special correspondent at New Haven giving the scores of the tennis tournament was received too late for publication in yesterday's issue of the CRIMSON.

The senior class of Williams college have elected the following officers: President, W. P. Sidley: orator, R. M. Blackburn; and Poet, E. S. Merrill.

No less than seven Harvard graduates are running for Congress in Massachusetts this year, with one or two districts yet to hear from.