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The fall class races will be rowed this afternoon at 4 o'clock, and, as this is a new departure on the part of the University Boat Club, it is hoped that the whole college will show its appreciation of the club's enterprise and enliven the race by its presence.

The race is to be rowed on a course which can easily be seen anywhere along the Beacon St. wall and from the Union Boat House. It will be rowed in barges and under the rules which usually govern the class races. If an accident occurs within the first ten strokes, the crews will be recalled for a new start. There is every reason to believe that the race will be well worth seeing. The crews have been strenghthened by the old men who have come in and by constant practice during the last two weeks. The Law School crew has decided not to row.

At a meeting of the captains of the crews, held last evening it was decided to row the race on a course commencat the end of Gloucester Street, and ending, as in the spring class races, at the Union Boat House. The crews will meet at the Harvard boat house at 3.15 o'clock and must be at the line at 4.15 promptly, where they will find the referee and starter stationed.

The freshmen were, at their own request, given the course next to the wall. The positions of the other three crews were chosen by lot, the seniors next the freshmen, the sophomores third, and the juniors on the outside.

The captains chose George T. Keyes, '89, to act as referee; W. Alexander, L. S., starter: C. S. Matthews, '90, timekeeper at start; Thornton Woodbury, '89, judge at finish; T. S. Slocum, timekeeper at finish. The crews are as follows:-

Seniors-Bow, E. W. Dustan; 2, J. H. Proctor; 3, C. A. Hight; 4, E. P. Pfeiffer; 5, F. E. Parker (captain); 6, A. P. Hibbard; 7, E. C. Storrow; stroke, C. E. Schroll; coxswain, J. E. Whitney.

Juniors-Bow, C. L. Crehore (captain); 2, S. Lothrop; 3, R. Tyson; 4, S. W. Sturgis; 5, S. Sanford; 6, J. Hartridge; 7, J. P. Hutchinson; stroke, R. H. Herrick; coxswain, B. P. Cheney.

Sophomores-Bow, R. H. Bishop; 2, W. M. Randol; 3, A. V. Woodworth; 4, G. B. Winthrop; 5, M. Williams; 6, N. Perkins; 7, E. C. Hammond (captain); stroke, N. Longworth; coxswain, W. J. Farquhar.

Freshmen-Bow, C. P. Cheney; 2, Dewey; 3, N. Rantoul; 4, S. P. Duffield; 5, J. C. Powers; 6, J. C. Partes; 7, J. H. Kidder (captain); stroke, F. W. Watriss; coxswain, J. Amory.

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