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The session of the Harvard Union last night in Sever 11 was exceptionally well attended, there being 266 men present. Shortly after the meeting was called to order, the report of the chairman of the committe on the election canvass of the University was rendered as follows:

1171, the whole number of votes cast, of which 586 votes were necessary for a majority. In the Graduate Department 14 votes were cast for Harrison; 18 for Cleveland, and 4 for Fisk.

In the Divinity School 5 votes were given for Cleveland, 3 for Harrison, 1 for Fisk and 1 for Streeter.

In the Law School 81 votes were cast for Harrison, 69 for Cleveland.

In the Medical School 2 votes were for Harrison, 1 for Cleveland.

In the Lawrence Scientific School 4 votes were given for Harrison, 1 for Cleveland and one for Fisk.

Among the special students 45 votes were cast for Harrison, and 35 for Cleveland.

In the class of '89, 97 votes were for Harrison, 90 for Cleveland and 2 for Fisk.

'90 cast 107 votes for Harrison, 95 for Cleveland, and 3 for Fisk.

'91 gave 135 votes for Harrison, 97 for Cleveland and 1 for Fisk.

'92 cast 171 votes for Harrison, 82 for Cleveland and 5 for Fisk.

Of the number of votes cast 659 is the total for Harrison, 493 is the total for Cleveland, 18 the total for Fisk and 1 for Streeter. The plurality for Harrison is 166 and the majority 147.

The total of voters in the University is 470, of which 255 are for Harrison, 202 for Cleveland, 12 for Fisk and 1 for Streeter.

The plurality of votes for Harrison is 53. At the conclusion of the report cheers were given for '92, Harrison, Cleveland, and finally "Republican Harvard" was enthusiastically cheered by all Harrison men present.

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