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Harvard, 50; Wesleyan, 2.


The Harvard Fleven played its first championship game of the season with the Wesleyan team, Saturday, on Jarvie field. In spite of the rain the seats were well filled with spectators, among whom were several ladies. The bad condition of the field made it impossible for Harvard to run up a big score; but when it is considered that the game was only two half hours long, 50-2 may be considered a creditable showing. Harvard played a sharp game the first half and scored 32 points. In the second half, however, the team weakened considerably, scoring only 18 points and being forced to make a safety. The following men made up the elevens:

Harvard.- Cumnock, V. Harding. Carpenter, Cranston, Trafford, Davis, Crosby; G. Harding, quarter-back; Porter and Lee, half-backs; Sears, full-back.

Wesleyan.- Crane, Pierce, Eaton, Gardner, Heath, Glenn, Faber; Eggleston, quarter-back; Floy and Slay back half-backs; Clark full-back.

Mr. S. T. London was referee, and Mr. Cor in was umpire in place of J. A. Saxe. On account of the delay caused by Mr. Saxe's non-appearance, play was not called until two minutes after three. Wesleyan had the ball, and Harvard the east end of the field. Harding soon got the ball from a fumble and rushes by Sears, Trafford, Carpenter and Crosby carried it to the ten-yard line, when it went to Wesleyan on a foul. Clark punted and Harvard had the ball down on the thirty-yard line. Harding carried it to the eight-yard line, and Lee made a touchdown three minutes after play was called. The goal was not allowed because G. Harding's body was outside the fair line when he placed the ball for the kick. The referee gave the ball to Harvard on the twenty-yard line, from which place the ball had been kicked. Wesleyan, getting the ball on four downs, punted. Sears returned, and G. Harding dropped on the ball on the thirty-five-yard line. Sears kicked, and Wesleyan returning, Sears carried it to the twenty-five yard line. G. Harding advanced the ball five yards, and Lee carrie, it over the line in eight minutes. Harding missed the goal. Score S-O. Wesleyan got the ball just outside the goal line, and one minute later Clark fumbling, Davis dropped on the ball inside the line and made a touchdown. Harding kicked the goal. Wesleyan started the ball from the middle of the field, but losing five yards by a good tackle by Cumnock, kicked. Sears made a fair catch, and the ball was passed to V. Harding, who carried it to the twenty-five-yard line. The play was not allowed, however, on the ground that some of the rushers were ahead of the ball when Sears touched it with his foot. Wesleyan lost five yards by a good tackle of Crosby's, and the ball went to Harvard on four downs. After punting by both sides, Harvard finally got the ball near the centre of the field, and Lee, carrying it forty yards, made a touchdown. Time, 15 minutes. Harding kicked a goal, making the score 20-0. Wesleyan kicked from the centre of the field and Harvard had the ball down on its forty-yard line. Porter and Sears advanced it fifteen yards, and Sears kicked. Wesleyan had the ball down in the centre of the field but lost it on four downs. After considerable fumbling by both sides, Harvard got the ball, but immediately lost it on a foul. Wesleyan kicked; and Porter returning, Wesleyan had the ball down on its thirty-five yard line, where it went to Harvard on a fumble. Harvard was given five yards for off-side play by Wesleyan but lost the ball for foul holding in the rush line. Wesleyan kicked, and Clark fumbling, Sears returned. Crosoy got the ball and made a touchdown in 25 minutes. Goal by Harding. Wesleyan forced the ball fifteen yards from the centre of the field when Porter got the ball from Slayback's fumble. Sears punted and Wesleyan had the ball down in the middle of the field, but again fumbled, and Cumnock, getting the ball, carried it to the three-yard line; Porter rushed it across, making the sixth touchdown for Harvard in 28 minutes. Harding kicked the goal. Score, 32-0. Time was called with the ball in Wesleyan's hands near the centre of the field.

Play for the second half was called at 3.45, Harvard having the ball. The ball was fumbled when passed back but Sears got it and carried it to the ten-yard line, where it went to Wesleyan on a foul. Wesleyan kicked and Lee had the ball down on the twenty-yard line. Porter kicked and Wesleyan getting the ball down on the eight-yard line advanced it 6fteen yards when V. Harding got it from a kick. The ball returned to Wesleyan for foul playing, but was fumbled and Lee by a good drop secured it. Porter and Sears advanced it to the ten-yard line where the latter lost it. Wesleyan, after getting five yards for off side playing, kicked; Porter returned and Davis got the ball. Sears, V. Harding and Porter advanced it to the five-yard line where it went to Wesleyan for foul holding. Wesleyan advanced the ball to the twenty-five yard line where Harvard getting it, forced it by rushes of Trafford and davis to the fifteen-yard line and Sears made a touchdown eleven minutes after play was called. Harding kicked a goal. Wesleyan forced back ten yards from the centre of the field by sharp work of Cumnock, punted. Harvard had the ball down on the forty-yard line and Porter by a good rush advanced it to Wesleyan's twenty-yard line where be made a short punt. Wesleyan advanced the ball ten yards, but lost ground again by the good tackling of V. Harding. Wesleyan punted and Sears had a fair catch on the forty-yard line and he held the ball for a place kick by Lee. The ball fell ten yards short of the posts and Wesleyan advanced it fifteen yards, but fumbled and Cranston got it by a good drop. Sears kicked, and Cumnock getting the ball passed to Crosby who made a touchdown in eighteen minutes. Goal by Harding. Seore 44-0. Wesleyan by rushes and a punt forced the ball to the twenty-five yard line where Harvard had it down but lost it on a foul pass. Wesleyan got five yards for off-side play and forced the ball a short distance further when it went to Harvard on four downs. The ball was passed to Porter for a kick, but the Wesleyan rushers broke through the Harvard line and he was forced to touchdown for safety. Time 23 minutes. Score 44-2. Rushes by V. Harding and Porter and punts by Sears quickly forced the ball into Wesleyan's end of the field and just before time was called Harding by a good rush scored a touchdown from which he kicked a goal. Score 50-2.

The team as a whole tackled better Saturday than they have been doing, although almost all, and particularly Davis and Crosby, still tackle high. The rush line work and tackling of Cumnock deserve commendation, although he is careless about off-side playing. G. Harding, also, is too apt to play off-side. The rushers, notably Cranston, are still careless about foul holding. The work of the backs was good; in spite of the slippery condition of the ball, they fumbled very little.

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