Fact and Rumor.

Trinity defeated Amherst Wednesday by a score of 16 to 0.

A large delegation of freshmen will attend the Princeton game.

It is rumored that plastering will begin in Hastings in a very short time.

Professor Royce will lecture on Forensics this afternoon in Sever 11 at 4 o'clock.

C. H. Taylor, Jr., '90, has been seriously ill with typhoid fever, but is now recovering.

The Harvard Amateurs have arranged games with the Roxbury Latin, Hopkinson's and Noble's Schools.

A bicycle tournament, to take place on the two days previous to the regular Mott Haven games, is being arranged.

The officers of the Phi Beta Kappa from '89 are as follows: Secretary, M. Winkler; 1st Marshal, J. H. Ropes; 2d Marshal, C. H. Moore.

By a recent regulation holders of scholarships are required to have a physical examination by Dr. Sargent, and to take the prescribed exercises.

Dartmouth played its championship game with Williams on Wednesday and won the game on its merits, scoring 36 points to 6. The Dartmouth team's work was excellent.

The Roxbury Latin School will play the Cambridge Latin School on Cambridge Common today at 3.30 p. m. As neither team has lost a game in the interscholastic series, an interesting contest is expected.

Political Economy 1. For Friday, Nov. 16, members of this course will read Chapter IV of Book III in Mill's Political Economy. The 9 o'clock and 10 o'clock sections will meet as before in U 4 and U 16.

It is intimated that the Mott Haven games may take place hereafter on the Berkeley track which is more suited to the purpose than the Manhattan Athletic Club track on which the games have usually taken place.

Through the generosity of General Thomas H. Hubbard of New York, a bronze tablet, inscribed with the names and military rank of Bowdoin graduates who were in the war, will be erected in Memorial Hall, Bowdoin College, possibly before commencement. There were about 380 Bowdoin alumni and undergraduates in the war.

A bicycle handicap race, open to all amateurs, will be held Nov. 24, at 3 p. m., on the Chestnut Hill reservoir. The distance is once around the lower basin, about 1 1-6 miles, and bicycles must weigh over 34 lbs. The entrance fee of one dollar each will go towards buying the prizes for first and second place. Besides these prizes a medal will be given to the man making the best time from the scratch. Entries must be sent on or before Nov. 22 to Charles P. Daniels, Boston, Y. M. C. A. Gymnasium.