Pach Bros. have been appointed class photographers for '89. Students will please make appointments for sittings at the studio at their earliest convenience, as it is very desirable to have the work done as soon as possible.

PHOTO. COM.The following men will be on Cambridge Common at 3.15 ready to play Hopkinsons: Healey, Cummings, Hunt, Freeman, Clark, Keene, Merrill, Pinkham, Beckwith, Duncan, Endicott, Wells.

Rev. Henry A. Parker will address the St. Paul's Society at 7.

C. G. PAGE. Sec.Will the person who took a large bath towel from the shelf near the shower bath room in the gymnasium, be so kind as to leave it with the janitor.

DAILY CRIMSON.- There are several old files of the CRIMSON for sale, $3.50 each, at McNamee's, 418 Harvard street.