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First-class board, including excellent lunches, for one to four students, at 21 Trowbridge St., near Main. 6t51eod

FENCING CLASSES. From 4 to 5 p. m. in the fencing room off the Hemenway gymnasium. G. M. Castroni, Fencing Master. 6t52

RAILWAY TICKETS. Drawing room car seats and berths in sleeping cars can be secured in advance at 610 Main St., at regular rates. This will interest students who propose to go home for Thanksgiving. 3t52

THE FIRE in Stoughton Saturday evening emphasizes the fact that it is well to have a few hundred dollars insurance on wearing apparel, valuable books, pictures, etc. It costs very little. W. R. Ellis, agent for Commercial Union Assurance Co. (Limited) of London. 910 Main St. 47tf

SHORTHAND. A class is already formed and will hold sessions in Thayer Hall, but a few more are wanted. Anyone desiring information is requested to sign book at Bartlett's. Thorough and rapid work is guaranteed. S. G. Greenwood, 61 Court St., Boston, Mass. 6t47