Fact and Rumor.

Harvard plays Amherst on Jarvis today at 2.30 o'clock.

M. Coquelin, the actor, visited the University yesterday.

Ingalls has been appointed captain of the second freshman eleven.

Tables 32 and 33 defeated Table 38 in a scrub game yesterday-score, 14-0.

B. Willard, Tech. '91, will probably referee the Yale-Harvard freshman game.


The freshmen have arranged to play another game with Exeter next Tuesday afternoon.

Members of Fine Arts 3 can obtain the new edition of "Reber's Ancient Art" at Sever's this morning.

Brine has the suits for the torchlight procession ready. They may be obtained either today or Monday.

A picked eleven from the members of the '90 and '91 elevens played the freshmen team yesterday afternoon and defeated it by a score of 38-0.

The concert ot be given by the Banjo Club in aid of Mrs. Shaw's Industrial school has been postponed to the 18th of November on account of the parade.

In yesterday's Post is an interesting open letter to the Hon. J. D. Long, written by Professor F. Bowen, defining his position in politics and discussing the tariff question.

The Football Association of Princeton is building a new grand stand, capable of holding about two thousand people, in order to accommodate the crowd which is anticipated at the Harvard-Princeton games.

At the meeting of the Deutscher Verein on Thursday evening last, a paper was read on the "Dialy of Emperor Frederick." Portions of the diary itself were then read and discussed by the members who were present.

Captain Woodruff, of the Yale crew, was out in his shell on Thursday afternoon, when one of his outriggers broke, causing the shell to capsize. He held on to the upturned shell and shouted for help. A man put out in a boat and drew Woodruff out of the water. He was utterly benumbed by the cold and the help came none too soon.

At a meeting of the executive committee of the Conference Freancrice, held yesterday, the following men were elected members: From '89, J. C. B. Burbank, W. D. Clark, J. D. Prindle, Jr., W. F. Richards, G. E. Turnure, C. Warren; from '90, W. N. Bates, C. P. Blaney, M. E. Gill, H. Glazier, C. Livingston, H. T. Parker, P. C. Stewart, from '91, H. A. Davis, S. Van Rensellaer and H. B. Hastings, Sp.