FOUND. A season foot-ball ticket. Apply at 22 Holworthy.

LOST. A small plain gold ring. Finder will please leave at Leavitt and Pierce's.

ALL candidates for the freshman eleven will meet on Jarvis at 1.30. The last three days there has not been enough there to form two elevens.

M. F. BROOKS.ST. MARKS plays Groton School at Lancaster today. Special car leaves B. and A. depot at 11.05.

THE following men will be at the gymnasium at 3.15 p. m. ready to play Newton: Burnham '90, Wells '90, Merrill '89, Grew '89, Healey '91, Hunt '91, Walker '91, Jones '91, Beckwith '91, Keene '91, Childs '92, Emris '92, Hallowell L. S.


DRUM CORPS meets on Holmes field Monday, 4.30 p. m. Every man connected with the corps must be there. Get all drums in good condition before Monday, Get your hats at Brine's and then have your class painted on them if you wish it.