The Guitar and Mandolin Club.

The club has begun its second season under the most favorable auspices with an increased membership. It was found last year that ordmary music, however good, was not so taking as was desirable, not being fitted for what is expected of such unique instruments as guitars and mandolins. Therefore, the management has with some trouble secured some traditional and characteristic Spanish airs and dances which are specially adapted to those instruments, and which will be new to most audiences. In some of these airs a flute part is introduced and a 'cello will probably be soon added to the club. The effect in these Spanish airs is heightened by use of triangle, cymbals, tambourine, and castanets. The following men at present compose the club:-

Mandolins-Howells, '91; Coombs, '91; Quinlan, '91; H. Washburn, '91; Johnson, '92, and Wood, '92.

Guiturs-Beecher, '90; Chamberlin, '90; Payson, '90; Jones, '91; Whitehouse, '91, and Porter, '92.

Flute-Faulkner, '90.

Additional Instruments-Ware, '90.