Co-operative Society Bulletin.

Dividends payable this week, Nos. 500 to 600.

Standard Diaries in the stationery room and a good assortment of pocket memorandums and account books.

Also sponge bags, travelers' drinking cups, "Star" razors, pocket flasks, cuff and collar boxes.

The book stock is receiving this week some additions suitable for gifts. Some French books in fine bindings-limited editions-to be ready Thursday or Friday. There are many new illustrated books that are interesting to examine. One copy of the Tile Club, published at $25.00 will be offered at $10.00. Luciani's "Rome," published at $6.00, is only $4.00; the same price for "Miles Standish's Courtship." Worcester's Dictionary for this week only at $6.55. We have a choice old set of Jeremy Taylor's works in 6 vols., full morocco and gilt, at $10.00.