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Fact and Rumor.


There will be an hour examination in History 15 to-day.

Theses in History 10 will not be received after January 4.

G. B. Leighton, '88, is studying at the Columbia Law School.

There will be hour examinations in English 7 and German 9 to-day.

College House 11 and Divinity 7 are to let. Apply at the Bursar's office.

H. O. Stickney has been elected captain of the Phillips Exeter eleven for next year.

The Dartmouth Glee Club will sing at Concord, Nashua and Manchester, Dec. 19, 20 and 21.

Men who intend to leave Cambridge during the recess must return all books borrowed from the library.

J. M. Newell, '89, is ill at his home, and will not be able to return until some time after the Christmas recess.

The deters for 1888-89 were voted at the last meeting of the faculty, and will be distributed as soon as possible.

There will be an hour examination in Physics tomorrow at 10 a. m. in Room 41 of the Jefferson Physical Laboratory.

There will be an hour examination in Natural History 4 to-morrow at 12, in Sever 35 and 37. The men who go to Sever 37 will probably be those through L.

Professor C. C. Everett, of the Divinity School, read a paper on "The Tragic Motif in Browning's Dramas" at a meeting of the Browning Society of Boston last Tuesday. Col. T. W. Higginson, of Cambridge, presided.

The Dartmouth Literary Monthly, by aid of the alumni, proposes to give a free lecture course this winter, in which the speakers shall all be alumni of the college, and the lectures entirely free. They will endeavor to have a speaker for each of the professions. The following have already been selected: Charles R. Miller; '72; editor-in chief of the New York Times; George E. Marden, '61, of Lowell, and Rev. Luther T. Townsend, professor of theology in Boston University.

At the meeting of the Boston Society of Natural History, held Tuesday evening, Professor C. H. Hitchcock, of Dartmouth, read a paper. Part of the evening was devoted to the presentation of new evidences of Paleolithic man in America. Prof. G. F. Wright, of Oberlin, described the geology of Delaware and Indiana, and Professor F. W. Putnam, of Harvard, exhibited specimens from the Peabody Museum, and made remarks upon them and upon the "Rabbit" specimens, about which there has been recently a misstatement.

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