THERE will be a meeting of the Pi Eta Society this evening at 7.30.

G. G. HALL, Secretary.H. P. C.- There will be a meeting of the club this evening in the Brattle street rooms at 7.30.

A. P. BUTLER, Secretary.HARVARD GLEE CLUB.- There will be a rehearsal this afternoon in Robert's Hall at 4.30.

A. D. HODGES, Secretary.HARVARD BANJO CLUB.- Rehearsal for entire club at 11 Matthews, Friday, 7 p. m. Let every member be present and prompt. New music.

THE following men will please call at Pach's studio, Thursday, Friday or Saturday, to be photographed for the class album: E. P. Hall, J. M. Hallowell, Hammerslough, Hammett, Hanson, Harlow, Harvard, Hay, Hayes, Henderson, C. S. Harvey, H. W. Hervey, Holden, O. H. Holder, Holland, Honore, Norton, Jackson, Job, Johnson, Kelley, Kidder, Kimball, Lathram, Lawton, Leahy, Lent, LeRoy, Livingood, Loeb, Lund. All other men will also go at the same time.