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EDITORS DAILY CRIMSON:- Permit me to make a few comments in regard to your editorial yesterday on boating. Although I am a man but little up in boating matters, it seems to me that such an arrangement between English and American crews would be not only possible but also highly desirable. It is useless to deny that there is something the matter, not only with boating, but also with the other athletics at Harvard. A fresh stimulus must be given to our athletics to prevent our position being lowered still further.

If an arrangement was made by which the winners of English and American intercollegiate races should meet each other annually, it would infuse new life into our decaying athletics, and also would, as the editorial says, increase the interest in college boating enormously.

We have proved our superiority over Englishmen during the past three summers in yachting. Why not try to vanquish them also in the shell? There is an impression among many that the English crews are superior to ours. This idea would probably be exploded if such a race could take place.

The suggestion that the beaten college should support its sister, financially and otherwise, is especially good. Nothing could be better to foster a spirit of good fellowship between Harvard and Yale, which is sadly lacking. There is a great deal of unnecessary feeling between the colleges, which tends to estrange the students from each other.

The financial part of the matter would doubtless be easily arranged with the and of the alumni of the universities, and the colleges drawn more closely together.

The honor of having a seat in the boat that would represent America would be a great incentive to men to try for the crew. And perhaps under this incentive we might form a crew which might beat Yale occasionally.


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