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EDITORS DAILY CRIMSON:- Will you kindly allow me space to reply to the communication signed "K." in your issue of Monday last.

The cost of board at Memorial during the three days in September and the month of October was $4.25 penman. By admission of your correspondent, fish and fruit do not appear at the table described by "K." Deducting the cost of fish and fruit, which is 28 cents, with the following charges we get the cost of each man's board at Memorial and can see how it compares with the outside article:-

Cost of board during September and October, 1887, $4.25

Fish and fruit, 28

Water, 02


Crockery 02

Interest, 09

Reduction of debt, 05

Repairs, 05

Sunday allowances, 14


Cost per man, $3.60

November, 1887.Total cost per man, $4.16

Fish and fruit, 24

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