Fact and Rumor.

H. H. Darling, '89, has been elected a regular editor of the CRIMSON.

C. C. Bent, '89, has returned to college, having recovered from his illness.

Professor Goodale will deliver no lecture in N. H. 3, this morning.

The Pierian Sodality has a new set of kettle-drums.

Mr. Ernest Rhys' address to-night on "The New Poetry," in Sever 11.


There was an afternoon tea given by some seniors in Holyoke House yesterday afternoon.

At the Yale News dinner. which was held lately, one of the toasts was "Bull Pup and Pink Shirt."

In a few days the West End Railway Co. will put on the regular schedule another electric car.

H. O. Poor, '90, has resigned the secretaryship of the CRIMSON, and F. C. Cobb, '90, has been elected in his place.

E. C. Pfeiffer, having found it impossible to continue his duties as captain of the crew, has offered his resignation to the committee. E. C. Storrow has been appointed to fill his place.

The executive committee of the New England Inter-collegiate Association voted on Saturday to hold the annual sports in Worcester on May 24.

Professor A. S. Hill will meet all seniors entitled to write Commencement Parts to-day from 3 to 4.15 p. m., in Sever 5.

There is an important notice concerning the feather and lightweight sparring on the second page of to-day's issue.

A good chance of seeing the lines of Gen. Paine's sloop Volunteer is now given, as she is out of water in Hawley's yard in South Boston.

Members of N. H. IV. who would be interested are advised by Prof. Shaler to attend the meetings of a society in the interests of geology which holds meetings on Tuesday evenings at 7.45 in Room 2, Agassiz Museum.

The building of the Boston Athletic Club House, on Exeter street, is progressing slowly and will not be completed until next fall. It will cost $275,000, which is $25,000 more than estimated.

The men who have gone to the Yale University crew training table are Stevenson, '88 (captain); Hurd, '88; Cross, '88; Carter, '88 S.; Wilcox, '88 S.; Woodruff, '89; Corbin, '89; James, '90; Newell, '90; Harrison, '90; Hartwell, '89 S.; Brewster, '91.

History 8 will be conducted during the second half-year by Dr. Snow, History 9 by Prof. McVane, and Roman Law 1 by Mr. William Schofield. Students who have been taking any of these courses are at liberty to count them as half courses, provided they elect substitute half courses for the second half year without delay.

Following is the program to be presented by the Boston Symphony Orchestra at the concert in Sanders' Theatre next Thursday evening: Overture (Ruy Blas) Mendelssohn-Aria (Armide), Gluck-Sherzo Capriccioso, Dvorak-Ario (Fidelio), Beethoven-Symphony in C. Wagner. The soloists will be Fr. Lilli Kalish, Lehmann and Herr Paul Kalisch.