THE following men will be in the gymnasium today at 2.15: Slade, McLeod, Bates, McCoy, Barney, Duncan, Piper, Faulkner, Wheelwright and Dexter.

F. B. McKEAN.Meeting of the Connecticut club this evening at 7 o'clock in 26 Matthews.

A. E. BECKWITH, Secretary.The book for the '89 tugboat is at Bartlett's. All who wish to go are requested to sign before Tuesday night.

The '90 tug book is at Leavitt and Prierce's.

Tickets on referee's tug for the class races may be obtained at Bartlett's, $1.50.

GEO. T. KEYES, Manager.There will be an important meeting of the Harvard Union in Holden Chapel this evening at 7 p. m. sharp. Every member is urged to be present.

H. PAGE, President.