FRESHMAN BANJO CLUB.- Photograph to-day at 2.30 sharp.

GUITAR CLUB.- The picture will be taken to-day at 1.45.

FOLLOWING men be ready to play '89 at 4 o'clock: Mason, Luce, Dean, Corning, McCoy, Codman, Slade, Cummings, Parker, Guerin.

LOST-A square black onyx from a cuff button. The finder will confer a favor by sending his address or leaving the stone at 8 Hollis.

THERE will be a meeting of the Hasty Pudding Club at the Brattle street rooms at 7.30 this evening.


GEO. T. KEYES, Secretary.THERE is a blue book at Leavitt and Peirce's for names of those who want to go to the freshman game at New Haven next Saturday. Sign early.

FINANCE CLUB.- There will be a meeting to-night in U. 13 at 7.30. Joint tariff debate between Mr. Joseph H. Walker and Mr. William L. Garrison.

C. A. BUNKER, Secretary.HARVARD CRICKET CLUB.- The same team which played against Longwood last Wednesday will be at Bartlett's at 1.20 sharp to-morrow to continue the game.

W. S. ELLIS.PROF. J. W. WHITE will translate the Peace of Aristophanes to the members of Greek 2 this morning and on Thursday and Saturday next at 10 o'clock, in Sever 30.

HARVARD CANOE CLUB.- There is a book at Bartlett's for signatures for the dinner and for entries to the races. Please sign at once, as the time is short.

R. E. TOWNSEND, Purser.HARVARD CANOE CLUB.- There will be a business meeting to-day at 1.30 p. m. at 31Holyoke street, room 6. Will last about 15 minutes.

R. E. TOWNSEND, Purser.THE books containing the poem, oration and address delivered at the junior class dinner are ready and can be had at Sever's or the Co-operative, or from the members of the committee. Price forty cents.

ON account of the bad weather all our appointments have been postponed in New York, therefore the room photographer will not be here until Monday the 28th.

PACH BROS., H. William Tupper, Manager.ALL those who intend to spread with the Hasty Pudding Club and have not yet signified their intention of so doing will please send word immediately to

G. HAY, Jr., Secretary of Committee.BICYCLE CLUB.- There will be a run to Lexington next Thursday. Start from University at 5 p. m. Supper at Russell House at the expense of the club and return by moonlight. Those who intend to go will sign at Bartlett's before 10 o'clock Wednesday night. All members are urged to go if possible.