Harvard vs. Longwood.

The cricket eleven yesterday afternoon finished its second game with Longwood. It will be remembered that on the first day Longwood went in first and made 47. To this score Harvard responded with 31. Then Longwood began its second innings, and when stumps were drawn had put together 57 for a loss of only three wickets. This score was increased yesterday by the home team to 130, the principal contributors being L. Mansfield, 24; G. Wright. 21, and Haughton, 28.

Harvard then opened her second innings by sending in Brown and Paul. Brown immediately settled down to work and played good cricket until he was caught by Mansfield off Bixby for 68. The rest of the XI, however, although they played with great steadiness, especially Ellis, were unable to make many runs. The venture finally closed for 92, Longwood thus winning by 54 runs. Below is the score:-

LONGWOOD, 2ND INNINGS.L. Mansfield, b. Brown, 24

S. Wright, c. Myers, b. Ellis, 2


G. Wright, b. Brown, 21

Dutton, b. Ellis, 7

Wells, b. Brown, 6

C. L. Bixby, b. Ellis, 0

King, c. Brown, b. Ellis, 4

L. Haughton, b. Dexter, 28

Estabrook, b. Ellis, 8

Thomas, b. Dexter, 9

Presby, not out, 4

Extras, 117