Princeton Letter.

PRINCETON, N. J., June 11, 1888.

Examinations are now in progress and the interest in them overshadows the interest in everything else. The last examination will be held on Friday, and Saturday is the first day of Commencement.

The annual elections of both the Base-Ball Association and the Athletic Association took place last week. The base-ball election resulted in the election of G. Hall, '89, for president, and D. Casement, '90, for secretary and treasurer. The athletic elections were as follows: President, James H. Dungie, '89; secretary, Frank S. Miller, '90; treasurer, T. W. Church, '91; captain, R. H. Channing, '90.

The nine played an interesting game with Columbia here last Saturday. The result was a victory for Princeton by a score of 10-6.

The annual tennis tournament was finished on Wednesday. More interest was manifested in this tournament than in any for years, and the issue of the final doubles was doubtful up to the last game. R. Carlin, '88, and W. Hodge, '88, won the championship in doubles, defeating McCarter, '88, and S. Hodge, '88, who took first last year. In the singles, F. Alexander, '90, won first place.

Work on the new Art School is steadily progressing and next fall will see its completion. The Biological Laboratory is now entirely finished and presents a very neat and pretty appearance.


Trophies are being made for each member of the lacross team, They are to be in the shape of a banner pin upon which is to be engraved each game played and the score of that game.

The Gymnastic Association are in daily practice for the exhibition to be given during commencement week, The exhibition promises to be unusually interesting.

The Ivy Club is building an addition to their club house. The recent elections from the class of '90 resulted as follows: H. U. Alexander, jr., K. S. Ames, E. P. Burgess, jr., J. M. Farr. W. C. Fisk, C. K, Rodgers, A. M. Shrady and J. H. Voorhees.