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The 'Varsity nine has played thus far twenty-two games, of which two have been defeats. Of the six championship games, five have been victories. The following statistics are compiled from the official score and show the work of the nine in the championship games. Four games have been played with Princeton and two with Yale:-

Har Oppon vard. ents.

Base hits, 46 40

Two-base hits,. 8 2

Three-base hits,. 5 2

Errors,. 28 48

Stolen bases,. 23 15

Earned runs,. 13 1

Double plays,. 1 3

Left on bases,. 31 27

Out on bases,. 12 15

Flies caught,. 28 36

Fouls caught,. 13 8

Passed balls,. 9 11

Wild pitches,. 4 8

First base on called balls,. 14 3

Struck out,. 48 72

Times at bat,. 229 202

Runs,. 50 19

It will be seen from the above that we have out-fielded and out-batted our opponents, but our high averages have been made against the weaker of our opponents, Princeton. Harvard has out-fielded Yale, but is far behind her in batting, having made but ten hits to Yale's twenty.

Bates has struck out the largest number in a championship game. (17 against Princeton.)

Including all the games played, Harvard has made 215 hits to her opponents' 139, 221 runs to 72, and 111 errors to 205 as made by her opponents.

The above record is not a one of which Harvard should be ashamed We have outplayed nearly every opponent we have met. The fielding of the nine leaves nothing to be desired but at the bat Harvard is wofully weak. Fielding alone will not win us the game here Saturday. Base hits must be made if Harvard expects to bring the championship to Cambridge this year.

Yesterday's game is not included.

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