Law School Notes.

S. H. Smith, second year, has left the Law School to enter Judge Lowell's office in Boston.

J. H. Knapp, '87, has returned to Cambridge, and has entered the first-year class.

Osgood Smith, third year, is now at the Bahamas for the benefit of his health.

O. Hansen, '85, who was an editor of the CRIMSON while in college, and more recently a member of the Law School, is spending the winter in Nassau.

Professor Schofield began his lectures in Massachusetts practice yesterday afternoon.


L. F. Hyde and A. O. Rounds have been elected to the editorial board of the Law Review. The new board which will soon take charge of the Review will be announced in a few days. The January issue of the magazine will probably be out Friday.

The second of the weekly moot courts will be held tomorrow afternoon at 3 o'clock before Professor Ames. Cushing and Jepherson will appear for the plaintiff, Giddings and Southard for the defendant.

Among those who recently tried the examination for admission to the Suffolk county bar were the following, who are either at present members of the Law School or have recently been connected with the school: W. F. Bacon, J. W. Bailey, S. S. Bartlett, W. D. Brewer, Jr., Francis Dana, W. J. Dolan, C. C. King, C. P. Lincoln, S. H. Smith, E. J. Smith, A. F. Foster, L. P. Frost, J. N. Palmer and R. F. Simes.