Mott Haven Team.

About fifty men responded to the call for candidates for the Mott Haven team, yesterday afternoon, meeting at 3.30 in the Trophy room at the gymnasium. There was a decided lack of "heavy-weights," which betokens a weakness in shot-putting and hammerthrowing that must be overcome if Harvard is going to win at New York next spring. Tug-of-war men also were at a premium, and it is to be hoped more men of the heavy stamp will turn up. The following men have handed in their names as candidates:

Sprint Running.- G. W. Pearson, E. C. Moen, E. C. Sturgis, G. F. Brown, O. K. Hawes, F. W. Burlingham, R. R. Endicott, C. H. Bean, R. C. Wood, Lord, M. D. Motte, Wright, W. D. Boardman, T. J. Stead, W. Myer, J. P. Lee, T. S. Lee, J. H. Rhoades, J. W. Merrill, C. F. Winslow.

Long distance Running.- H. S. Potter, C. A. Davenport, W. W. Downes, G. L. Batchelder, A. M. White, H. P. Dodge, J. Wendell, H. A. Davis.

Hurdling.- S. R. Bell, T. P. King, A. S. Walcott, G. S. Mandell, E. B. Bodley, G. W. Wheelwright.

Walking.- J. E. How, G. Rublee, F. E. Zinkeisen.


Tug-of-War.- E. W. Grew, John Endicott, G. L. Deblois.

Shot and Hammer.- P. D. Trafford, John Cranston, C. D. Gibbons.

Pole Vault.- R. G. Leavitt.

Jumping.- W. N. Duane.

Bicycle.- Barron, K. Brown, R. B. Greenleaf, R. H. Davis, E. A. Bailey.