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Series of Latin Classics.


A very useful series of Latin classics is about to be issued by Leach, Shewell and Sanborn, which will form one of the best collections of classics ever published for the use of classical students. The series is under the editorial supervision of Professor Ernest M. Pease of Bowdoin. To secure permanent editions of uniform merit, the work has been distributed among a large number of special editors, whose names are among the most celebrated Latin scholars in our American colleges. This series will be made up of the Latin authors usually read in colleges, and will include, for the use of advanced scholars portions of those authors which have been omitted in former editions. Each edition will contain an essay on the special characteristics of the author's style, followed by a full commentary and index. Among the numbers now in process of publication and soon to appear are the following:

Catullus, selections, based upon the editions of Riese. By Thomas B. Lindsay, Ph. D., professor in Boston University.

Cicero, Tusculan Disputations, Books I. and II. By Harry T. Peck, Ph. D., L. H. D., professor in Columbia College.

Cicero, De Oratore, Book I., based upon the edition of Sorof. By W. B. Owen, Ph. D., professor in Lafayette College.

Tacitus, Histories, Book I. and selections from Books II.- V., based upon the edition of wolff. By Edward H. Spieker, Ph. D., professor in the Johns Hopkins University.

Horace, "Satires and Epistles," based upon the edition of Schutz. By James H. Kirkland, Ph. D., professor in Vanderbilt University.

Livy, Books XXI. and XXII., based upon the edition of Wolfflin. By John K. Lord, A. M., professor in Dartmouth College.

Petronius, "Cena Trimalchionis," based upon the edition of Buchele By W. E. Walters, Ph. D., classical instructor, Cincinnati.

Plautus, "Menaechmi," based upon the edition of Brix. By Harold N. Fowler, Ph. D., professor Phillips Exeter Academy.

Sallust, "Catiline," based upon the edition of Schmalz. By Charles G. Hebermann, Ph. D., LL. D., professor in the College of the City of New York.

Seneca, "Select Letters." By E. C. Winslow, A. M., professor in Wabash College.

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