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Athletics at Yale.


With the opening of the college term, Yale men are straining every nerve to turn out winning teams in spite of their losing many of the old men. The eleven played their first game on Saturday with Wesleyan. Thus far the strength of the team seems to be in the old players, Gill, P. G., left tackle; Heffelfinger, '91 S., left guard; Rhoades, '91, right tackle; Harvey, '91, McClung, '92, half-backs, and Graves; '91, full back. Of the new men the most promising who have been playing on the first eleven are, Moyle '91, left end; Newell '90, center; Klimppe '92, right guard; Hartwell '89, right end; Graves '92, quarter-back.

In practice every afternoon the first and second elevens play against each other on one field, while the candidates for the freshman team, of whom there are about thirty, practice on the other.

The Yale Record has offered a silver cup to the man who does the best individual work on the team. The cup is to be awarded on one week's playing, the first week after the team goes to training table, and in accordance with a scheme devised by Mr. W. C. Camp, '80, which will take into account, blocking, breaking through, tackling, kicking, etc.

The nine have arranged for two games with New Haven. In one Stagg will pitch. There is much interest in the fall regatta which takes place the third week in October. The principal events will be a race between Juniors and Sophomores, and one between '92 and '93 Sheffield. As there is a large number of candidates for the last two crews an exciting race is expected. Ninety-two and Ninety-three Sheffield have elected Chauncey McKeever and W. H. Vanderbilt captains of their respective crews.

Work on the new gymnasium will probably be begun in a month or two as but $20,000 of the $150,000 remains yet to be pledged. The site is on the corner of Elm and High streets opposite the campus. The gymnasium will contain, besides the usual apparatus, two rowing tanks and a swimming bath.

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