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Junior Class Meeting.


The Junior class held its annual meeting last evening in Upper Massachusetts, President Williams in the chair. Only about one hundred of the members of the class were present. The election of officers was commenced immediately. Robert Beverly Hale and Moses Williams were nominated, and Mr. Williams elected. The election was made unanimous. It was stated that Mr. Hale had been nominated without his knowledge or consent. A. Winsor Weld was re-elected vice-president by acclamation. J. A. Lowell refused to be re-elected secretary and Lawrence Brooks was chosen to fill the position. An unsuccessful effort was made to combine the offices of secretary and treasurer. Messrs. Nichols, Walker and Flint were nominated for treasurer and A. B. Nichols elected. H. R. Bishop was again chosen captain of the crew, and F. R. Bowman was made captain of the nine. John Bass was reelected captain of the eleven. It was decided to hold a Junior class dinner, and the president was empowered to appoint a dinner committee. At the close of the meeting Captain Cumnock after a short talk presented the set of foot ball rules which follow. They were applauded and unanimously adopted.

RULES FOR CLASS GAMES.1. The captain of the 'varsity team can, at any time, take any man from any eleven. This is the scheme of the class teams to supply the 'varsity.

2. No man, who is wanted for the second eleven, can play on any class team under any circumstances.

3. Law school men, play with the class they entered; all others as catalogued.

4. The 'varsity captain can at any time ask for the resignation of any class captain who is not doing its duty, and appoint another in his place.

5. Each captain shall make a canvass of every man in his class at the beginning of the term and get out all good material.

7. The class series will be played off in three games, '90 vs. '91. '92 vs. 93, and winners.

7. If at any time the plan proves injurious to the 'varsity team, the class teams will be disbanded at once.

8. The class teams will play on the grounds back of Divinity.

9. In all matters concerning games, the captains are governed by the Athletic committee directly.

10. The 'varsity captain shall decide all disputed points.

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