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The Harvard Graduate Club.


At the meeting of the Intercollegiate club on Wednesday evening the club unanimously decided to become a graduate club. The old constitution was entirely remodeled and the Harvard Graduate club was christened. The most radical changes made were:

That henceforward only men in the Graduate department may become eligible for membership. That the name of the club shall hereafter be known and designated as the Graduate club of Harvard University; and that a series of club meetings shall be held throughout the year. The first of these changes is intended to bring together the specialists of every kind who are pushing researches in the Graduate department; the third is intended to derive receiprocal advantages from listening to papers prepared by such specialists and from social intercourse; while the second follows as a logical consequence of changes one and three.

It is intended that this club shall be of the high order befitting its name and the department of the university which it is one of its aims to build up. A number of men from the Graduate department were honored with elections on Wednesday evening. Henceforward it will be no more the Intercollegiate club, but the Graduate club, and as such it is expected to take its proper place among the permanent clubs of Harvard University. The officers of the club are: President, Mr. Siebert; vice-president, Dr. Markley; secretary, Mr. Roe; treasurer, Mr. Chittenden. Executive committee: Dr. Markley. chairman; Messrs. Setchell, Nields, Rich, Conger, Manley, Delabarre, Sabine, Roe, Ball.

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