Fact and Rumor.

Professor Sheldon cannot meet his classes before Saturday, October 5.

All the lockers at the gymnasium have been taken.

The fifth entry in Hastings will be finished this month.

The following rooms are to let: Holyoke 47, Hastings 51 and 57, Divinity 26 and 38.

G. L. Kittredge of the English department, has revised Allen and Greenough's Latin grammar.


There will be a meeting of the Sophomore class tonight in Upper Massachu setts at 7.30.

Gibbs, Yale, '93, who broke his leg recently, was one of the most promising football players in the freshman class.

No Harvard students will be admitted to the course in shop work at the Cambridge Training School unless they are studying electrical or civil engineering.

The reassign ment of seats in Memorial will take place about the 12th of October. There are now one hundred and eighty men on the waiting list.