All sections in French I will meet today at 9 o'clock in Sever 11.

FOUND,- In the Library a hat and cane. Apply at delivery desk.

NINETY.- Class meeting Monday, October 7, at 7.30 in Upper Mass.

All candidates for the '91 eleven must be on the field tomorrow at 4.

J. F. BASS.HASTY PUDDING CLUB.- There will be a meeting of the club on Friday evening October 4, at 7.30 p. m.


G. BLAGDEN, Sec.LOST.- On Thursday, a fountain pen between Harvard Square and Holmes Field. Finder please return to 5 Thayer.

Will all the '93 candidates and first year specials who tried for the Banjo Club meet the leader at 1 Holyoke House tonight between 7 and 8, or tomorrow morning between 10 and 12.

The first installment of books for the new German library has arrived and is now ready for use in Sever 4. I shall be glad to supply students who wish to make use of the library with keys.

KUNO FRANCKE.HARVARD ELECTRIC CLUB.- Important meeting of the Executive Committee House, this (Friday) evening at 7 o'clock. A full attendance is necessary.

L. K. PEROT, Sec.There will be a meeting of the class of '87 in the east lecture room of Austin Holl on Friday afternoon at halfpast two. Appropriate action will be taken upon the death of two members of the class.

G. P. FURBER, Sec.CRICKET ELEVEN.- Cars run to Watertown every half hour. All candidates must be on hand this afternoon; those who can, leave on the 3.05 car, others on the 3.36 or 4.05.

R. D. BROWN, Captain.Professor Francke is willing to give this year a half-course to take the place of what in the elective pamphlet is designated as course 9. The object of this course will be to give practice in speaking German. Students who wish to take this course in addition to their regular studies, are requested to be present at a preliminary meeting on Friday, October 4, at 12 o'clock, in Sever 2, to arrange hours.