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Football Summary.

Championship Games and this Season's Record.


The following is a summary of championship games since 1875.

1875. Harvard vs. Yale-4 goals and 4 touchdowns to 0. This game was played under the Rugby rules which were new to Yale. Columbia vs. Yale-3 goals to 2. In this year the oval Rugby ball was first introduced.

1876. Harvard vs. Yale: Yale won-one goal to none. Harvard made two touchdowns but according to previous agreement these did not count. Thirteen years ago today Harvard, Columbia and Princeton formed themselves into a football association. Yale refused to enter.

1877. Harvard vs. Princeton-one goal and one touchdown to one touchdown. Harvard vs. Princeton: (return game) won by Princeton-one goal and one touchdown to two touchdowns. Harvard vs. Columbia-6 goals and 6 touchdowns to nothing. Championship not awarded.

1878. Harvard vs. Princeton: won by Princeton-one touchdown to nothing. Harvard vs. Yale: won by Yale-one goal to 0. Princeton defeated Yale-one goal to 0. Princeton won the championship.

1879. Harvard vs. Yale-draw game, as was the Yale-Princeton game. Harvard vs. Princeton: won by Princeton-one goal to 0. Championship not awarded.

1880. Harvard vs. Columbia: won by Harvard-3 goals and a touchdown to 0. The Harvard-Princeton game was won by Princeton-two goals to one. Harvard vs Yale: Yale won-one goal and one touchdown to nothing. Yale vs Princeton: neither side scored. Championship not awarded. 1881. Harvard vs Columbia: won by Harvard-one goal, three touchdowns to nothing. Harvard vs. Yale: won by Yale-four safeties to nothing. Harvard vs. Princeton-draw game. Yale beat Princeton. The championship was awarded to Yale.

1882. Harvard vs. Princeton; won by Harvard-1 goal, 1 touchdown to 1 goal Harvard vs. Yale; a victory for Yale 1 goal, 3 touchdowns to 0. The victory of Yale over Princeton again steered her the championship.

1883. Princeton defeated Harvard Yale beat Princeton-6 to goal vs. Harvard; Yale won-23 to 0 fale won the championship.

1884. Harvard's team was not strong. Princeton defeated Harvard 36 tiff 6; Yale beat Harvard 48 to 0. The Yale Princeton game was stopped by darkness. This deprived Yale of the championship not awarded.

1885. This year intercollegiate football was prohibited at Harvard. Princeton beat Yale, 6 to 5. Princeton won the championship.

1886. Harvard was re-admitted to the association. Princeton won from Harvard 12 to 0; Yale vs. Harvard 29 to 4. The Yale-Princeton game was not finished on account of darkness. The score stood, Yale 4, Princeton 0. Championship not awarded.

1887. Harvard beat Princeton 12 to 0. Yale beat Princeton. Harvard lost to Yale-17 to 8. Yale won the championship.

1888. Harvard vs. Princeton-6 to 18 Harvard-Yale game forfeited by Harvard. Yale vs. Princeton-10 to 0. Yale won the Championship.

From this summary it appears that the championship has been won as follows: Yale 5, Princeton 2, Harvard 0. Championships not awarded, 5.

The following are the results of all games played by Harvard this season:

Oct. 3, Harvard vs. Exeter. 28-0

Oct. 5, Harvard vs. Stevens. 28-4

Oct. 12, Harvard vs. Dartmouth. 41-0

Oct. 16, Harvard vs. Technology. 62-0

Oct. 19, Harvard vs. Williams. 41-0

Oct. 23, Harvard vs. Andover. 41-0

Oct. 26, Harvard vs. Wesleyan. 64-0

Nov. 2, Harvard vs. Pennsylvania. 35-0

Nov. 9, Harvard vs. Wesleyan. 67-2

Nov. 16, Harvard vs. Princeton. 15-41

Total. 422-47

The following are the games played by the Yale eleven:

Oct. 12, Yale vs. Williams. 36-0

Oct. 16, Yale vs. Cornell. 60-6

Oct. 20, Yale vs. Amherst. 42-0

Oct. 24, Yale vs. Trinity. 64-0

Oct. 26, Yale vs. Columbia. 62-0

Oct. 31, Yale vs. Stevens. 30-0

Nov. 9, Yale vs. Cornell. 70-0

Oct. 30, Yale vs. Pennsylvania. 20-10

Nov. 16, Yale vs. Wesleyan. 52-0

Total. 436-16

Championship games.

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