Co-operative Society Bulletin.

The stationery department has in stock the best blank books that the Society has yet succeeded in getting made. The covers are unusually substantial and the paper clear and strong. The atmospheric ink-stand patented: a few years ago has had but a limited sale on account of its expense: its advantages have been obvious from the start. Recently the makers have reduced the regular price and the Society bought largely to secure the maximum discount.

The regular price of the best selling one is now $1.50. The Society offers this one at 90 cents.

The only creditable cheap and complete 1 vol. edition of Emerson's Essays, both series, just issued by the regular publishers, at $1.00 in cloth, 50 cents in paper, ready in the book room, at 70 cents in cloth, 35 cents. in paper.

Jane Austen's works, 30 cents per volume, sold elsewhere at 50 cents.