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The Theatres.

Minstrels at the Boston.


The audience which crowded the Boston theatre last night was apparently not disappointed in "Kajanka." The play is purely spectacular, and the scenery very pretentious. One or two effective scenes, notably the flower scene, save the play from wearisomeness But on the whole. "Kajanka" is much like other plays of its kind. In the first act there were many hitches in the stage management, and the chorus showed defective training, but as the play progressed, a reasonable degree of smoothness was attained. The last act was old and tedious. Towards its close the audience caught sight of a small fire in the curtain, and the great danger of a panic was averted only by the prompt action of the stage management.

The Pembertons."The Pembertona," a new and powerful drama by H. G. Carleton was presented for the first time at the Hollis street theatre last evening. The scene of the drama is in New York city at the present time. Miss Edsall received a warm welcome and she richly deserved it. The acting was fine especially in the third act. Telfair Pemberton and Simon Grude are typical villains, and Ramon's part is well conceived and well played. Though essentially a serious piece there is a vein of humor running through the whole; and Heloise takes charge of her father very gracefully in the first act. The entire play is interesting, though the last act is a little tiresome.

Rosedale,Last evening Rosedale began its engagement of one week at the Boston Museum. The play is an old fashioned one and its essential features have not been changed since its previous appearances in Boston. There are many affecting scenes and the performance as a whole is well given.

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