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Editors Daily Crimson:

DEAR SIRS.- I wish through your columns to call to the attention of those intending to go to the Yale-Harvard game, certain facts concerning the arrangement of seats at Hampden Park.

At the south end of the grounds laid out for the game is a large grandstand, while along each side benches are to be built extending from the grand-stand to the other end of the field. Behind the goal posts at the north end of the field is the only place reserved for coaches and carriages.

To anyone who has attended the important football games in New York it must be perfectly apparent that the accommodations for carriages are utterly inadequate. Not only in the cramped space assigned to them, but in its position on the field the people who come in carriages are to be at a great disadvantage. From current reports from various quarters I judge that the number of coaches engaged for the Spring field game is nearly, if not quite, equal to that at a New York game.

Unfortunately the seats are already on sale, and although the benches are not yet erected, the boards and timbers are cut. It is now too late to change the plans to any extent-that is to the extent of building all the seats on one side as should have been done at first but I see no reason why a part of the benches cannot be placed at the end of the field instead of on the side. Mr. Burnham who has the contract for building the seats assures me that this can readily be done, and I find that it would be no injustice to those who have already bought tickets for seats as no special seats are reserved. The first who arrive on the grounds are to have the choice of seats.

I am sure that the majority of college men will agree with my opinion for it certainly seems a rather shabby proceeding to give such a poor place to the coaches which hitherto have had at least a respectable position on the field. I trust that measures will be promptly taken for altering what seems to me very absurd and unwise plans, and that all men who attend the game on coaches may have an even chance with other spectators.