Co-operative Society Bulletin.

The English publishers of the "Epochs of History" have issued the set in a special inexpensive binding; sold only in sets.

The single volumes in regular binding published at $1.00 are sold at 70 cents.

"Chandos Classics" published at 75 cents each are sold at 50 cents. The "Poems and Essays" of Charles Lamb, one of the "Classics" is recommended in English.

Some very scarce old books are offered for sale-mostly classics printed over one hundred years ago.

The bargain counter will receive additions daily. It contains many books marked below their real value because of over stock or slightly damaged.

Hosmer's Short History of German Literature is now ready, price $1.50.

The stock of London street and driving gloves in the mens' furnishing department is good now-much better than it will be after a few weeks. The Society has a good line of knit Scotch wool gloves in various patterns.