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American College Base Ball Association.


The annual meeting of the American Base Ball Association, for the purpose of electing officers for the ensuing year and adopting rules and a schedule for the coming season, was held at the Parker House, Boston, last Friday evening. All the colleges holding membership in the association sent delegates. Williams was represented by A. F. Clark, manager and captain, and W. H. Cleninshaw; Dartmouth by C. E. Moulton, manager, D. P. Jones, captain, and George Stavers; Amherst, by H. C. Bemis, manager, Richard Belcher, captain, and H. L. Wilkinson; Trinity, by F. F. Kramer, manager.

The first business of the meeting was the election of officers for the ensuing year as follows: President, A. F. Clark, of Williams; first vice-president, C. E. Moulton, of Dartmouth; second vice president, H. C. Bemis, of Amherst; secretary and treasurer, Richard Belcher, Amherst. Messrs. Belcher, Clark, Jones and Kramer, were elected a judiciary committee, whose work it should be to adopt rules, choose the umpires, and make the schedule. The championship for '88 was formally awarded to Williams. The association is in a flourishing condition, and there is every prospect that the coming season will be a very successful one.

Later in the evening the judiciary committee, having arranged the matters entrusted to it satisfactorily, made its report. The same rules of playing which were adopted by the intercollegiate league will be used by the association. The Spaulding ball also be used. Two very good men were secured for umpires when Jack Manning of Boston and D. J. O' Neill, of Holyoke, were selected. The schedule arranged for the season is as follows:

May 3 and 4, Dartmouth vs. Williams, at Williamstown; May 8, Trinity vs. Amherst, at Amherst; May 10 and 11, Williams vs. Trinity, at Hartford; May 15, Williams vs. Amherst at Amherst; May 17 and 18, Trinity vs. Dartmouth, at Hanover; May 21 and 22, Amherst vs. Dartmouth, at Hanover; May 24 and 25, Trinity vs. Williams at Williamstown; May 29 and 30, Dartmouth vs. Trinity at Hartford; May 30, Amherst vs. Williams at Williamstown; June 1, Williams vs. Amherst at Amherst; June 5 and 6, Williams vs. Dartmouth at Hanover; June 8, Amherst vs. Trinity at Hartford; June 13 and 15 Dartmouth vs. Amherst at Amherst; June 21 and 22, Trinity vs. Amherst at Amherst; June 25, Amherst vs. Williams at Williamstown.

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