Co-operative Society Bulletin.

A great bargain is offered on the following list of Nimo's Classics at 60 cents a volume:

The English Essayists.

Defoe's Works.

Mrs. Heman's Poetical Works.

Canterbury Tales and Faerie Queen.

Clcero's Life and Letters.

Moore's Works.

Treasury of Modern Biography.

Cowper's Works.

New Books:

A. S. Hill's "Our English."

Hodgson's "Errors in the Use of English." American revised edition.

A good stock of text-books for the second half-year.

A good line of hair brushes is kept in the stationery department.

The glass roller stamp moistener is a very useful article.

The society offers a high grade of work in copper-plate engraving and printing. The present arrangement ensures promptness at low prices, as both the engraving and the plate printing are given directly to artisans (not stationers) who are specialists.

Plain visiting cards are kept in stock. Also writing paper stamped, from steel dies, Harvard University, Harvard College, and with the names of the different dormitories.