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The Boston Athletic Association held a meeting last evening, in which the events were confined to contests in sparring and fencing, open to members of the B. A. A., Harvard University, M. I. T., B. Y. M. C. U. and B. Y. M. C. A. Dr. William Appleton was referee of the boxing.

The first event was a very clever exhibition of fencing between Dr. Deblois and Professor Castaldi. It was followed by the middle-weight boxing, for which there were only two entries: Mr. F. G. Curtis, Harvard, '90, and Mr. Clarke from the B. Y. C. A. The first round opened with cautious sparring. Curtis landed his left on Clarke's face. Clarke led, but fell short; Curtis landed again, and the round closed slightly in his favor. In the second round Clarke succeeded in getting in his left, evening things up a little. The round closed with a clean hit for Curtis. The third round was decidedly hotter than the preceding ones. Curtis continued to land his left at intervals, and the end of the round saw some close work Mr. Curtis had shown superior science, Dr. Appleton declared him the winner.

The next event was the first bout in the light-weight boxing between J. L. Putnam, Harvard '92, and Frank Peters, B. Y. M. C. U. The first round was very hot, but, although Putnam used his right well, Peters had the best of it. The succeeding rounds were much like the first, and Peters was declared the winner.

Then followed an excellent broadsword exhibition between Professor Castaldi and a sailor from the Navy Yard.

The second bout in the light-weight boxing between Mr. Brice and Mr. Conquest, both members of the B. Y. M. C. A., was the next event. Brice forced all the fighting and was awarded the bout.

Mr. P. Marquand, Harvard '89, and Mr. Johnson, B. Y. M. C. A., contested the feather-weight sparring. Through all three rounds the fighting was very fast, and punishment was given and received. Mr. Appleton decided it a draw.

Mr. F. R. Bangs, Harvard '91, was the only entry for the heavy-weight sparring and was awarded the prize. Mr. Curtis consenting to give an exhibition set-to with him. a very scientific bout ensued.

The entertainment was closed by the final bout in the light-weight boxing between Mr. Peters and Mr. Brice, which the former won after a hard contest.

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