Former Defense Department General Counsel Appointed Harvard’s Top Lawyer


Democracy Center Protesters Stage ‘Emergency Rally’ with Pro-Palestine Activists Amid Occupation


Harvard Violated Contract With HGSU in Excluding Some Grad Students, Arbitrator Rules


House Committee on China to Probe Harvard’s Handling of Anti-CCP Protest at HKS


Harvard Republican Club Endorses Donald Trump in 2024 Presidential Election

Fact and Rumor.


Princeton plays Wesleyan in foot ball tomorrow.

The re-assignment of seats at Memorial will be made today.

Prof. Palmer will conduct English 7 until the mid-year examinations.

The tennis courts at Hartford are said to be in rather poor condition.

The entries for the scratch races must be made today by 12 o'clock.

Nat. Hist. 3 will recite today and hereafter in the large lecture room in Harvard Hall.

Over forty sophomores and freshmen were conditioned in Mathematics at Columbia.

The assignment of scholarships to members of the three upper classes has been made.

A party of hazers at Vanderbilt University, Nashville, used a pistol to induce a freshman to stand treat.

The captain of the university crew wants all large men, whether they have had experience or not, to come forward as candidates.

Of two hundred and sixty students at John Hopkins University one hundred and fifty are college graduates pursuing post-graduate courses.

An old rule making gymnasium practice compulsory at Princeton is to be revived. Formerly the rule applied to all students but now it will apply only to lower classmen.-[Ex.

Wednesday evening, the Woolsey Battalion of Yale, paraded in a grand Republican procession, and New Haven was literally painted blue of a most violent type.

At the University of Virginia there is said to be no regularly prescribed course of study, no entrance examinations, no vacations, except the summer one, and but six holidays.

There is some possibility of lower prices for bicycles, as the patents held by the Pope Manufacturing Company are, many of them, being contested.

The skill of the sophomores in rowing was tried rather unexpectedly last week. When about one mile and a half from shore the boat sprung a leak and they pulled for the shore in good earnest.-[Yale News.

The trial of candidates for the brass band occurs this evening in 37 Matthews. Every player of a band instrument who wishes to have some first-class fun during the present political campaign would do well to be present.

The freshman class at Amherst is very strong in athletics. At the field meeting '88 came out number two, taking nineteen prizes in all. The class is said to have a stronger base ball nine than any previous freshman class at Amherst.

The following officers were elected by acclamation by the Hasty Pudding Club at their annual meeting: President, J. J. Storrow, Jr., vice president, Amos T. French; secretary, James G. Mumford; Kr., Marland C. Hobbs; Librarian, John McArthur: Treasurer, J. Hayes Gardiner.

The final cane rush between the freshmen and sophomores of Cornell occurred on Saturday. The freshmen were successful and succeeded in getting the cane from the sophomores. The rush was a very rough one and several were severely bruised. The freshmen were distinguished from the sophomores by having brown paint on their necks.

There will be no foot ball game today, but the University will meet on Jarvis at 4.30 for a few minutes. The following men will play on the eleven on Saturday: Rushers, Littauer, '86, Simpkins, '85, Thayer, '85, Winslow, '85, Brooks, '87, Phillips, '86, Homans, '85. Quarter back, Bemis, '85; half backs, Holden, '88, Kimball, '86; full back, Peabody, '87.

But few men were able to play in the college tournament yesterday, The score, of which several are unfinished, stood as follows: First drawing, Hopkins beat Harrison 6-5, 4-6, 9-7. Shephard beat Taylor by default. Peirson beat Moors 6-1, 6-4. Snow vs. Spalding, 6-5, 2-6, 5-5. Hamlin beat Coolidge 6-4. Second drawing, Bancroft beat Howes 6-1, 6-4. The winner of the tournament will play Mr. Presbrey for the championship of the college.

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