Yale Crew.


It looks now as if Yale will have six old men in her shell when she meets Harvard next June. It is stated on good authority that Corbin, '89, will begin to row again next week, having yielded to the persuasion of Captain Woodruff. Corbin is the financial editor of the Yale News, and has been hard at work for the past few days so as to have his business matters in good shape before he commences to row. Gill, '89, is also rowing and, with Caldwell as stroke, the crew is practically chosen. The crew is now made up as follows:


1. Rogers, '90. 166 lbs.

2. Gill, '89. 175

3. Brewster, '91. 178

4. Hartwell, '89. 178

5. Corbin, '89. 183

6. Woodruff, '89. 180

7. Allen, '90. 168

Caldwell, T. S., stroke. 160

Average. 173+

Coxswain. Thompson, 110 pounds; Substitutes: Harrison, '90, 160 pounds; Mosle, '89, 166 pounds; Isham, '91, 163 pounds: Newell, '90, 182 pounds; and Ferris, '91, 178 pounds.

Many of the undergraduates are not pleased with the turn affairs have taken and fear that with six old men in the boat the crew will become overconfident, and not train with sufficient care. The men have been somewhat handicapped by not having a regular coach, but Bob Cook will take them in hand during the Easter recess, when they will row twice a day and at the end of that time a great improvement may be looked for.