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Rules Governing the Tennis League.


The rules recently adopted by the Tennis League are as follows:

1. Each player is required to pay an assessment of one dollar and fifty cents to the secretary. The money obtained in this way will be expended in purchasing four raquets of equal value to be awarded as first, second, third and fourth prizes.

2. Each player is required to furnish two good Wright and Ditson balls for every match in which he takes part.

3. Every match is the best three out of five sets. The fifth alone is a deuce set.

4. After every match the winning player is required to leave the score at the secretary's room.

5. In case a match is postponed, arrangements must be made with the secretary for a new day and hour.

RESERVED COURTS.6. The four middle courts of Jarvis Field will be reserved for the League. They are to be numbered one, two, three and four. Players engaging courts must take them in the order of their numbers. The reserved courts cannot be used before 2 p. m., except on Saturday when they are open for play at 11 a. m.

7. The courts will not be reserved more than fifteen minutes past the hour for which they have been engaged. Every engagement of a reserve court is for two hours.

8. A bulletin giving the hours for which the reserved courts are engaged is to be put up on the old Pudding Building on Holmes Field.

9. The privilege of using the reserved courts will be extended to Messrs. F. S. Rogers, Rublee, G. F. Brown, H. S. Potter, and any others to the number of six whom they may designate.

10. Men may sign on the bulletin board for the reserved courts under the following conditions: (a) Any member of the University may apply for one of the reserved courts, which is not already engaged; but he can not apply for it till the day on which he wishes to play. (b) Members of the League and the other gentlemen mentioned above, may sign on Saturdays for any day and hour of the ensuing week, which has not been previously applied for. (c) Members of the League may sign at any time for regular and postponed matches to be played at any day and hour not previously signed for.

11. All League matches must be finished by May 25, or time fixed upon by the committee.

12. A player who forfeits one match must forfeit all.

G. W. LEE, SEC. 61 Thayer.For the committee.

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