The Path to Public Service at SEAS


Should Supreme Court Justices Have Term Limits? That ‘Would Be Fine,’ Breyer Says at Harvard IOP Forum


Harvard Right to Life Hosts Anti-Abortion Event With Students For Life President


Harvard Researchers Debunk Popular Sleep Myths in New Study


Journalists Discuss Trump’s Effect on the GOP at Harvard IOP Forum

Special Notice.


Buy one of the Football Calendars at once; they will not be on sale after this week.

Let any man who thinks a shoe as good as the one he is wearing cannot be sold for $6.00, $5.00 or even $4.00, examine the Crawford-sold only at Crawford Shoe Stores.

TUTORING in History 1, 10.

C. E. WHITMORE, JR., 12 Hollis Hall.83 tf

HISTORY 1, 9, 10, 12, Latin 10, Government 1, Fine Arts 3, Semitic 12, Philosophy 5. Tutoring.


PROF. C. G. JEFFERSON of New York, champion heavy weight lifter of the world, is exhibiting at Thurston's the celebrated McFadden system of physical training. Mr. Jefferson may be seen daily between 10 a. m. and 9 p. m.

92 tf

ALL graduates of '94 and '95 who have not yet received copies of the Portfolio for '94 or '95 may receive them by writing W. B. Wolffe.

CALENDARS FOR 1896.- Size 11x14 in., envelope to fit. Beautiful picture of the Harvard Football Team, large engraved calendar pad. Very neat. Price 25 cts. For sale at Leavitt and Peirce's, Thurston's, Amee Bros. 's, and the Cooperative.

TUTORING in Greek and Latin, German A and B, and Spanish 1.

W. M. CANNON, A. M., 18 Sumner street.93 5t

TUTORING.- History 1, 10; Economics 1; Government and Law 1; and Geology 4.

C. A. ROSS '96, 6 College House.88 20t

TUTORING.- English, A, B, 2, 4, 6, 11; Physics, 1-5; Chemistry, A, B, 1, 2a, 2; Mathematics, A to F. Applications by mail.

F. L. MEREDITH, B. S., 8 Ellery St.,

TUTORING in Govt. 1, History 1, 5, 6, 9, 13.

A. M. WOLFSON '93, Address or call evening at 13 Mellen St.88 8t

MISS L. L. BANGS, Stenographer and Copyist, 7 Exchange Place, Room 20 Boston. Carbon and Mimeograph copies furnished. Terms reasonable.


TUTORING in Physics B, C, 1, Math. A, D, Engineering 1a, Spanish 1, Italian 1, Ger. A, Latin A. Fifth year as tutor. Make early engagements.

A. E. DOUCETTE, 8 Thayer Hall.92 3t

TUTORING in Economics 1, 5, 6, and 9; Philosophy 1; and History 13.

F. W. DALLINGER, A. M., 4 Stoughton.92 3t

TUTORING in German. Translation of the classics or scientific German.

S. N. LILIENTHAL, 21 Ellery St.The leading feature in the Crawford Shoe-it fits the average human foot as good as a shoe made to order.

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