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Fact and Rumor.


An effort is to be made to form a toboggan club.

All the class crews are now rowing in the gymnasium.

Mr. Lathrop has begun his classes in tumbling, in the gymnasium.

An examination will take place in N. H. 1 to-day, from nine to ten.

There will be a "quiz" in History 13 on Saturday at 10, and also at 12.

It is said that interest is manifested to present a Greek play next year.

There has been some discussion concerning the revival of the Shakespeare Club.

Theme V in English B will be due December 21st. Subject, "A Narrative."

Freshmen are reminded that the running track in the gymnasium is not a race course.

Owing to a delay on the part of the printers, the Index will not appear before Friday morning.

The match between the Harvard and Dedham Shooting Clubs will not be shot until after the Christmas recess.

The first eight of the Pi Eta from '88 is: Bartlett, H. L. Gale, G. G. Hall, Howard, Page, Richards, Rolfe, Willet.

There will be a one hour examination in Philosophy IV next Tuesday. The work of the course up to Shaftesbury will be reviewed.

Cambridge voted for "no license" yesterday by a majority of about 700.

The Glee Club concert last evening in Roxbury was a great success. So was the Dixey ball.

The short examination which was to come off in Phil. 11 yesterday, was postponed till the next meeting of the course, on account of the illness of the instructor.

The junior crew began gymnasium work yesterday, the senior crew the day before, while the freshman crew has been exercising for two weeks, and is now rowing on the machines.

It is curious to note in the series of Lincoln articles now appearing in the Century, with what sedulous care the editors indicate under the illustrating that A Lincoln is intended, and no other.

The Abstract, a little had penny sheet published by some small boys at Chauncy Hall School, asks, under the heading "Squibs." "What good is Harvard anyway?" Little boys did you ever read the story of the fox and the sour grapes?

Leon Vian, who pitched for the Concords last season, has signed with the St. Pauls for next year at $225 a month. He is a junior in the scientific department of Dartmouth College and a resident of Hanover, his father being janitor of some of the college halls. The family are in humble circumstances, and the big lift his skill as a twirler has given him this year, and will give him next, will enable him to graduate from college free from debt.

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