Tennis Tournament.

The spring tennis tournament began yesterday with the following entries and drawings:

Singles, (preliminary round)-A, Parker vs. G. L. Potter; B, Hale vs. Jennings; C, Lockett vs. Tallant; D, Tailer vs. Lee; E, Brooks vs. Tolman. First round-1, winner of A vs. winner of B; 2, winner of C vs. winner of D; 3, winner of E vs. Rublee; 4, Sturgis vs. Stetson. Second round-5, winner of 1 vs. winner of 2; 6, winner of 3 vs. winner of 4. Finals-1, winner of 5 vs. winner of 6.

doubles. (Preliminary Round).- A, Payson and Payne versus Lee and Tallant; B, Sturgis and Parker versus Stetson and Hale; C, Orcutt and H. S. Potter versus Lockett and Rogers. First Round.- 1. Winner of A versus Chase and Tailer; 2. Winner of B versus winner of C. Finals.- Winner of 1 versus winner of 2.

The number of entries are comparatively small, but the players are well matched and some interesting games may be expected. There will be no courts reserved for the tournament, but the men who have entered will be allowed to play off their matches on any court not already in use for a match.