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The Intercollegiate Games.


The annual intercollegiate game were held at the Berkely Oval, New York, Saturday afternoon. Harvard failed to win first place but her representatives showed up well. Although only winning two first prizes, Harvard had a large number of exceedingly close seconds. In the bicycle race to be contested today, Harvard may win first place. Davis won the race easily, but the referee's decision gives Clark a chance for first place. The 440-yards race between Dohm and Downes was very close and Dohm won by only one fifth of a second. In the mile walk McIlvaine forged ahead at the finish by only a few inches.

The meeting as a whole was very successful. Eight records were broken, and the work was above the average. The final standing of the colleges was as follows, not counting the bicycle race:

Columbia, 4 firsts, 2 seconds; Yale 3 firsts, 5 second; Harvard 2 first, 6 second; Princeton 2 first, 1 second; Amherst 1 first; University of Pennsylvania 2 first. The following table shows the new records made Saturday and the previous records:

Quarter mile run-Goodwin, Harvard '83, 51 1-5s.; Dohm, Princeton '89, 50s.

Mile run-Harmar, Yale, '87, 4m. 36 4-5s.; Wells, Amherst, '89, 4m. 29 4-5s.

One hundred and twenty yards hurdle race-Luddington. Yale, '86, 17s.; Mapes, Columbia. '89, 16 4-5s.

Mile walk-Wright, Harvard, '86, 7m 11 4-5s.; McIlvaine, Columbia, '89, 7m. 6 4-5s.

Pole vaullting-Stevens, Columbia, '86, 10ft 3-4 in.; Leavitt, Harvard, '89, 10ft. 5 1-2 in.

Running broad jump-Shearman, Yale, '87, 21ft. 71/2in.; Shearman, Yale, '89, 22 ft. 6 in.

Two mile bicycle race-Keen, University of Pennsylvania, '86, 6m. 39s. Davis, Harvard, '89, 6m. 4-5s.

Two hundred and twenty yards hurdle race-Mandell, Harvard, '88, 26 4-5s, Mapes, Columbia, '89, 26 3-5s. Trial heat.

The record of Saturday's games is as follows: 100 yards-First heat. J. P. Lee, Harvard, time 10 2-5s; H. F. Walker, Yale, second. Second heat-C. H. Sherrill, Yale, time 10 2-5s.; E. C. Moen, Harvard, second. Third heat-F. W. Robinson, Yale, time 10 3-5s.: C H. Mapes, Columbia, second, Trial for seconds, E. C. Moen, Harvard, 10 3-5s.; final heat won by Sherrill of Yale, in 10 1-5s., Moen, Harvard, second, Robinson of Yale, third: 120 yards hurdle race, first heat, H. S. Williams, Yale, first, time 17 4-5s.; N. L. Deming. Yale, second; second heat, Herbert Mapes, Columbia, first, 16 4-5s.; K. Brown, Harvard, second; final heat won by Herbert Mapes, Columbia, 16 4-5s.; two mile bicycle race, first trial: won by Davis in 6m. 4-5s.; Clark second; second heat, won by W. B. Greenleaf in 6m 14 1,5s, Guhleman second; final heat, Davis and Greenleaf won, but Davis fouled Clark, and Referee Curtis decided that Greenleaf and Clark must ride over again. Four hundred and forty yards dash, first heat, W. C. Downes, Harvard, 53 3-5s., W. B. Wright, Yale, second; second heat, T. J. Stead, first, in 53 1-5s., W. G. Dohm. Princeton, second; final heat won by Dohm in 50s., Downes second.

The mile run was won by Wells of Amherst, in 4 m, 29 4-5s; Harmar, Yale, second. The mile walk was won by McIlvame, Columbia, in 7m, 6 4-5s; J. E. Howe, Harvard, second.

220-yards hurdle race. first heat-H. L. Williams, Yale, in 44 4-5 s; N. L. Deming, Yale, second. Second heat-G. S. Mandell, Harvard, first in 27 1-5 s; E. B. Bodley, Harvard, second. Third heat-Herbert Mapes, Columbia, first in 43 4-5s; S. D. Pierce, Columbia, second. Trial for seconds won by Deming in 28s; final heat won by Mapes in 26 2-5 s. Williams and Mandell were tied for second place in the final. Williams won the tie in 27 3-5 s.

The half-mile run was won by W. C. Downes, Harvard, in 2m, 2 2-5s; A. S. Vosburgh, Columbia, second; E. B. Hinckley, Yale, third.

220-yards-First heat won by J. P. Lee, Harvard, in 22 2-5s; A. S. Vosburgh, Columbia, second; E. B. Hinckley, Yale, third. Second heat won by C. H. Sherrill, Yale, in 22 4-5s; F. A. Robinson, Yale, second. Final heat won by Sherrill in 22 2-5s; J. P. Lee, second.

The tug of war teams were: Princeton-J. S. Black, anchor, F. W. Church, D. D. Casement, W. H. Bradford; Columbia-G. A. Elliot, anchor, Edwin Harris, E. C. Robinson, C. H. Hart; Harvard-J. J. Higgins, anchor, C. A. Ewald, O. U. Anderson, C. W. Green; Swarthmore-Ralph Lewis, anchor, C. B. Temple, H. A. Dill, O. G. Cummings; Lehigh-scratched. First trial between Columbia and Harvard, Columbia won easily in 9 1-2 inches; second trial, Princeton and Swarthmore, Princeton won in 9 in; third trial, Columbia and Princeton, Columbia won in 4in., winning first place; fourth trial, Princeton and Harvard for second place, Princeton won by 3 ft. 11 in.

Throwing the hammer-A. J. Bowser, U. of P., first, 89ft, 1 1-2in; H. F. Allen, Harvard, second, 83ft, 10 1-2 in; H. A. Elcock, Yale, third, 81ft, 10 in.

Pole vault-Won by Leavitt of Harvard, 10ft, 5 1-2in; Shearman, Yale, second, 9ft, 11 1-2 in; Walsh, Columbia, third, 9ft, 6 1-2 in.

Running high jump-L. D. Webster, U. of P., 5ft, 6 3-4 in; Leavitt, Harvard, secoffd, 5ft, 4 3-4in.

Running broad jump-T. G. Shearman, Yale, 22ft, 6in; Mapes, Columbia, second.

Putting the 16-pound shot-Won by Janeway. Princeton, 36ft, 1 1-2in; Elcock, Yale, second.

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